General Library Information

Welcome to our library!

The mission of the TVHS library is to be at the center of 21st century learning, empowering students and staff by enhancing competency in multiple literacies while providing free intellectual and physical access to materials in a variety of formats, and encouraging collaboration among students and staff which inspires a desire for lifelong learning.


Our staff:

You are so lucky to be part of a school community where lots of great things happen every day.  And your school library has been recognized by CDE as Highly Effective!

What does that mean? It means that the school library is an important classroom for learning in our school.  It means you have a certified Teacher Librarian who works hard to support the school, create a place of learning, co-teaches with other teachers in the building, and is a leader in the school.  It means the library has amazing support staff.  It means the library and its staff have teacher and administrator support.  And it means that you have an amazing place to work, study, and learn every day!

There are five credentials a library must earn to be Highly Effective:


Each plays an important role in having a Highly Effective library!

Stop by anytime to be part of this amazing space!



Liza Bauer, Teacher Librarian – contact her at



Robin Tobin, Library Assistant

Reading Options:

Do you want to find a book?  Here is the link to the TVHS library catalog.

And don’t forget about ebooks!  We have many available with Overdrive, the district ebook systemoverdrive.   You will need to download the Overdrive app on your device in order to read the books – just go to your device’s app store and search for it; it’s free! Click here for directions about how to access the ebooks.


Hours of operation:

Monday-Friday, 7am-3:20pm

Library Sign-in Form

Materials Checkout:

How many books can I check out at a time? 10.

How long do I get to keep my books?

  • Books, books on CD, magazines = 2 weeks
  • Technology materials such as digital cameras, flip cameras, etc. = one class period

What are the overdue fines?

  • Books, magazines = $.05 per day
  • Technology materials = $1.00 per day

Important Links You May Need:

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