I just finished one of the best books I have read in a while – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  It is a great psychological thriller, complete with manipulation, murder, deceit, and denial.  Flynn is such an excellent writer, you really feel like you are in the novel and want to jump in and smack some people around.  I felt like I knew the characters, even though I didn’t want to know them; they are those people you just want to stay back from, but they are so brilliant, you almost have to admire the way they think and plan and cover details.

The book alternates viewpoints each chapter; the two main characters each get to tell their tale in their own voice.  The novel starts on the day Amy goes missing, on her 5 year wedding anniversary.  Amy’s husband, Nick, gets to start the book and tell us about how he finds Amy missing from their house, the disarray he finds, and the fear he feels.  Amy’s chapters start on the day they met, and describe how in love she is and how perfect they are for each other.  As the investigation into Amy’s disappearance progresses, the police begin to suspect Nick has murdered Amy and is trying to cover it up; they even have motives.  But halfway through the book, a twist in Amy’s chapters blow you out of the water!  And the story changes from there – I could not stop reading this book; I stayed up too late several nights reading.  It just sucked me in and made me think.  And want to run from people who seem to be so super sweet nothing can be wrong.

Come check out this book!  You wont’ want to put it down.