I finished a great book last night: The Boy Who Could See Demons by Carolyn Jess-Cooke.  It was so good, I read it in 3 days!  The story is of Alex, a 10-year old boy who says he can see a demon named Ruen.  Ruen says he is Alex’s friend, but then tells him to do bad things, like try to kill a woman.  Ruen comes to Alex in different forms: a ghost, a man with a horn, an old man.  Anya,  Alex’s psychiatrist, tries to puzzle out why Alex sees Ruen in these forms – is he a projection of something traumatic that happened in Alex’s life?  But Anya has her own troubles; her daughter Poppy died four years ago, and Anya still feels guilty for not being able to help and save her own daughter.

This story is a good look into psychology and schizophrenia – and it has a twist you won’t see coming!  Check it out!