Banned Books Week is a yearly occurrence which highlights our need to support the freedom to read.  People challenge books and get them banned because they don’t believe in viewpoints represented in the book, believe the book contains offensive language or is sexually explicit, talks about suicide, drugs or alcohol, and many other reasons.  But why do those few people get to decide what the rest of us can read?  We all have the right to have our own beliefs, so if you don’t want to read something because it offends you, don’t!  But let everyone else have the opportunity if they want it.

Come check out the Book Jail in the library to see some of the most commonly challenged and banned books – you might be surprised!  Some of them are even books you have probably been asked to read for school.  How fun is that?  Reading something that is banned?  Can’t beat that!

The most common reason books are challenged?  Someone says it is sexually explicit.  (Now you can answer the poll correctly!)

Come to the library to do something you shouldn’t – read a banned or challenged book!