We all know that reading is an important skill we must have to get through life; but did you also know the following 7 reasons we should read?

1.  Reading can help you relax.  Reading even beats out listening to music as a stress-reducer!

2.  It can help your brain stay sharp in old age.  Some research shows reading can help keep your memory sharp longer.

3.  It can also help keep Alzheimer’s away.  The brain must be exercised just like the rest of your organs and muscles.

4.  It can help you sleep better!  Reading before bed can be part of a bedtime routine that signals your brain it is time to rest.

5.  Reading could help you gain empathy.  Feeling connected to characters in books can help you extend those feelings to real people.

Those 5 reasons are based on research, and reported in this article from the Huff Post.

And I will add my own two reasons:

6.  Getting lost in a good book can take you to a different world, and help you experience places you have never been.  You can travel the world through books.

7.  Reading can help you discover interests you didn’t know you had – reading one book may spark a whole new hobby!

Go pick up a book and read today!  Keep your mind sharp and exercised, and find a new world to explore!