I love to read.  And I mean LOVE to read.  I will sit for an entire day and read.  Well, I used to, before I had a baby.  Now I get to read before bed, so sometimes that is only for about 10 minutes before the book falls into my face as I fall asleep.

I love to read because it takes me to other places and helps me learn about cultures, countries, and worlds I will most likely never get to experience.  I love it because it gives me time to myself.  I love it because I can take it anywhere I go.  I love it because it brings me together with my friends and family.  I love it because I can remember different parts of my life based on the book I was reading at the time.

Why do you love to read?  Here is a list of the 23 Best Parts of Being a Book Lover, according to Buzz Feed.