Cam and his girlfriend Viv have each other, and what more could they possibly need?  Everything seems to be going well, and then Viv dies in a car accident that Cam feels responsible for.  Cam is heartbroken and can’t seem to move forward in his life.  He visits Viv’s shrine everyday, he dreams of her at night, and he replays the accident throughout the day.  One evening as he is visiting the shrine, he sees a girl who looks ghostly.  He doesn’t know what to make of it; the girl doesn’t look like anyone he knows, nor does it appear to be Viv.  Cam wonders if he is going crazy, but then he realizes the girl is real, and from another dimension.  Cam follows Nina into her world, and he sees what he has longed to see for two long months: Viv, alive.  But as Cam interacts with Viv in “her” world, he discovers that it all looks the same, but underneath, it is really very different.  For a first novel, Through to Me is not a bad book, but it felt to me that the plot didn’t really move.  Nothing much exciting happened until the last few chapters; it was just a lot of going back and forth between the two dimensions, and a lot of teen love story gone bad.  The characters seemed a little shallow.  I liked the idea of the two dimensions, which is always intriguing to me; I often wonder if there is another world that is parallel, or what would happen if one different decision was made.  This book explored the teen love story, but not the interaction of the dimensions, which would have been interesting.  Overall not a bad read, but a little too teen lovey-dovey for me.