“I must finish this book, no matter what!  Even if it is bad, I WILL finish this book!”

Have you ever said this?  I used to.  No matter what, I would finish books.  And let me tell you, I have finished some really bad books.  Really bad.  I didn’t enjoy it, but I did it.  Why?  Maybe it was my OCD coming through.  Maybe it was my need not to give up on things.  Maybe it was just that when I gave up on that book, I would need to choose another one, and I didn’t have any on the stack that looked interesting.

As I have gotten older, I think, “There are too many GOOD books to read; why waste my time on these bad ones?”  So I have abandoned books.  Yep, I have even abandoned books when I was half-way through.  And I don’t look back.

But today I wonder if there is something to be gained from persevering and finishing a book no matter what.  I am sure there must be something to be gained from those books that aren’t great.  Right?  There must be a lesson or a point of view I will not learn or gain because I quit reading Cutting for Stone 150 pages in.  Or Daughter of Smoke & Bone half-way through.

Check out some of the books I have finished by clicking the Goodreads link on the right sidebar.  Enjoy!

Happy reading!