After over 50 years, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird finally has a new book being published.  While I am interested in the book, I feel like its publication is a little…suspicious.  Harper Lee has not granted many interviews since her first book was published, she has said she didn’t want to publish another book, her health is not great, and her sister, who took care of her legal affairs, has recently died.  And suddenly, someone found an unpublished manuscript and it is going to be published?  Um…ya.  Well, her first book was a huge success, winning a Pulitzer in 1961, and has sold millions of copies, so maybe this one will be great too.  It is supposed to be a sequel to Mockingbird.  While we wait to make a decision about the new book, here are some great quotes from Mockingbird – which is one of my favorite books.

Happy reading!