This week, we celebrate the freedom to read!  So many excellent books have been challenged and banned, all under the umbrella of “protecting innocents from being corrupted.”  And yes, everyone has the right to choose not to read something because of their own beliefs, and parents have the right to say their kid can’t read something, but does someone have the right to take a book away from everyone else?  My opinion is no, but I am clearly biased.  We have the freedom in our country to read and study what we want, and that is pretty awesome.

Here is a list of 10 of the most challenged books.  And here is an article by Lauren Myracle, who wrote the TTYL books, speaking out against banning books.

Celebrate your freedom to read!  Come by the library to check out a book and enjoy your freedom: learn something new, gain a new perspective, or just enjoy a story.

Happy Reading!