We still have a few weeks until Halloween, but that gives us plenty of time to start reading some creepy stories.  Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, but I do love fall.  I love the cooler weather, the changing colors, and baking warm and yummy treats. And I love reading Stephen King.  One of my favorite authors, I have read many of his books and short stories.  I think his short stories are his best work for the most part, and my favorite novel is The Shining.  I haven’t liked his newer writing as much, but he is still the master of creepy.  And the funny thing?  I can read all this creepy stuff, but if I watch a scary movie, it freaks me out so much I can hardly go to sleep!  I am a weirdo.

Here is a list of pop culture’s best homages to Stephen King, according to Quirk Books. There have been so many parodies and rip offs of his work…I guess a writer as prolific as King can’t escape a few remakes.

Happy Reading!