Man, am I ever ready for Thanksgiving break!  I am ready to have some time to just relax and do what I enjoy, with people I love.  I am so grateful to have a job I love to do, which allows me the time to spend with my family and friends around the holidays.  I am grateful for my husband and son, and for my wonderful friends.  And of course, I am grateful to be able to read and to visit many cultures I may not ever get the chance to see in my life.

I have my stack of books to read for the break, though I am sure I was too ambitious when I picked out four books, even though two of them are graphic novels.  We will see what happens!  I will post a Thanksgiving reading review when we come back.

Here are a couple of fun quizzes you can take as we head off to break.:

  • This quiz attempts to figure out how old you are based on books you like.
  • This quiz compares your reading habits to others’.  Do  you like to crack the spines of your paperback books?  Then you are NOT allowed to borrow mine!

Happy Reading!