Today at lunch, we had some awesome presentations from Mrs. Solt’s 12th Grade English classes.  They had been working on a project in which they chose a problem they see in the world that they are passionate about solving or helping, do some research, then come up with a solution.  The work put into the projects is amazing!  The presentations today ranged from stopping mediocre music to helping the poor to stopping illegal immigration.

Usually during the holiday season, people think more about charity and are more generous with their gifts of time and money.  but why don’t we extend this throughout the year?  Some of us do, but it seems we all should.  Think about something small you can do to make a difference.

“To change the world all you need is you.”

Come by the library for inspiration, if you need some.  Go to the website to find a small project you can do to make a difference in someone’s life.  Step out of your comfort zone for a short time to help someone in need.

Enjoy the holiday season!  And, as always, Happy Reading!