I am!  I carry them around all over the place, I read every day, and luckily, I get to be surrounded by books all day!  I love to go to the bookstore, used book sales, the Public Library…And I have always been this way.  Books just open so many doors of wonder and learning and escape.

My favorite types of books?  Always, horror-type books, ala Stephen King.  Murder mystery books top the list.  Creepy, I know, but it’s what I love.  Also books about Henry VIII and related people…so intriguing being in the royal courts and all of the politics that went on.  I also love to read teen books (good thing, since I am a high school librarian), but not the lovey-dovey kind.  I do not like romance books of any kind.  The teen books I like are the ones in the mystery/suspense/horror/creepy genres, of course.  And dystopias.

Currently, I have three books going, all very different.  I never used to be able to do that – I had to finish one book to move on to another.  I also used to have to finish every book I started, no matter what.  Nope, not anymore.  There are too many good books out there to spend time reading bad ones.

Here is a post from BuzzFeed about products book-obsessed people need.  Fun!

Happy Reading!