I know I say this all the time, but I really love to read.  I read every day, and if I don’t I freak out a little.  I don’t get so weird that I talk to the characters or act like them or anything, but sometimes they seem real.  A friend gave me a sticker that says, “Books are better than people.”  Some days, that is so true!  🙂

I work in a library, but I still love to go to the Public Library and spend time in bookstores.  I am a nerd and I love it!  Everyone has their thing, and I guess this is mine.

Here is a list of characters with whom you might identify, or who helped shape who you are.  Many of the characters on the list are ones I like and hope others look to as role models.

Start piling up your spring break reading!  Come by the library to check out a few books – one of the best things about the library is that you can borrow books for free!  Where else can you borrow anything for free???  Seriously.

Happy Reading!