Spring break was lovely!  Nice weather (mostly), time to spend with my family, my son’s 4th birthday, and of course, time to read!  I managed to finish two books that I had started before break, and I started one!  Here is what I got finished:

We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson.  This was an interesting take on the “alien abduction” idea.  Henry has spent his life being periodically abducted by aliens.  He is tested and asked questions, and sent back to Earth, usually without all his clothing.  On Earth,his life isn’t much easier: his mom is a struggling waitress, he is called “Space Boy” by everyone at school (including the boy who supposedly loves him), his brother is a loser, and he now has one decision to make that will impact everyone on Earth.  The aliens gave Henry the power to either save the world, or let it be destroyed.  And Henry isn’t sure he wants to save the world.  I liked that this wasn’t a usual “the aliens abduct me and then probe me” kind of book.  I thought it was funny the aliens put Henry back on Earth without his clothes – though I am not sure it would be funny if I were in that situation!  I am still not sure if Henry’s story was what was truly happening, or if it was imagined…but I did like how in each situation he was in, it made him think about whether or not he wanted to save the world.  Would you save the world?  What would cause you to say, “Yes, the world should be saved?”

Murder Most Royal: The Story of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard by Jean Plaidy.  The title of this book sounds like a cheesy murder mystery, but it really is about Henry VIII and his wives.  I love reading about this time period!  This book started with when Henry and Anne met, got married, and then the ensuing tragedies of Henry’s next three wives.  The book covered so much time there wasn’t much room to give some of the details I have read about in other books.  Plaidy’s perspectives were also interesting compared to others I have read.  I liked it though, because I like books about the Tudors.

I also started Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.  I am almost done with it now!  It is pretty good; it took me a bit to get into as I haven’t read a fantasy book for a while, but I like it.  The characters are interesting and the story is interesting.

Hope you got to do some reading during break!  Some new books are on the way…so come by in a couple of weeks to check one out!

Happy Reading!