This is the best, and worst, time of year.  We are all so ready for summer, it is getting warm, we are making plans…but we still have a few days of school left and have finals to take and grade.  So much free time will stretch before us soon, but it seems so far away right now.  But, once we get there, how sweet it is!  Lemonade on the patio with a book, cold watermelon at a picnic, a shady spot under your favorite tree, making s’mores by the fire until late at night.  And always, lots of reading!

Here are a few fun reading-related things for the summer:

I will be trying to work through my stacks of books I haven’t read yet…but I always add more, so it never gets smaller.  I will be reading some of the Colorado Blue Spruce 2016 nominees, as well.  I can’t wait!

Happy Summer, and Happy Reading!