Everyone has a favorite superhero, right?  How could you not?  There are epic battles over who counts as a superhero and who doesn’t, based on powers and abilities.  Like: Batman vs. Superman.  I choose Batman because he makes his own powers, but many argue he is not a superhero because he doesn’t have “natural” powers like Superman.  Whatever.  It’s cooler to make your own stuff!  My husband is a huge nerd about Batman, and my son is becoming a lover of all things superhero as well.  And I love that.

I watched a TED talk about female superheroes and how media influences our views of men and women.  And about how some companies are not selling merchandise of female superheroes, or changing female heroes to male heroes on certain merchandise.  What utter nonsense.  Girls are strong too!  Girls are cool too!  And girls and boys both need to see that.

There are many, many great superhero books out there, graphic novels and other books, and we have quite a few in the library!  Come by to check one out.  Our newest superhero novel is Black Widow: Forever Red.

Pick up something and read this weekend, whether it is about superheroes or not!

Happy Reading!