Ok, so Banned Books Week doesn’t officially start until Oct. 25, but I thought I would write about it today anyway.

This is such an important week to me, as it is a week to remind everyone that we should each make our own decisions about what we read and not have someone tell us what we should read.  I get really frustrated with people who want to stop everyone from reading a book just because they don’t agree with the viewpoints or topics presented.  If you don’t want to read the book, then don’t read it.  If you don’t want your kids to read it, then talk to them about why.  But don’t take the choice away from everyone else.

Here is my thought: if you make something forbidden, most people will want it more.  By banning certain books, that just increases the interest.  If you are a student whose parent has said you can’t read a certain book, talk to your parent about why.  If you are a parent, read the book in question with your child and talk about it with them.  It is a great opportunity to connect and have a discussion.

Join us in the library Oct. 27 at lunch and Oct. 30 at lunch to celebrate banned and challenged books.  We will have information, videos, snacks, and prizes!

Celebrate your freedom to read!

Happy Reading!