We are halfway through the month now, I know, but this month is one to highlight college and applying for college.  There is a lot of time and effort that goes in to getting into college, and it all starts NOW!  Whether you are a freshman or a senior, there is work to be done to get ready to apply for college.

The first thing, obvious to me, is to get to class, get your work done, and LEARN every day.  The best college prep you can do is to be part of life, pay attention in class, and take advantage of the awesome opportunity you have every day to attend school and learn as much as you can.

You can also take advantage of your counselors, as they have information and support for you so you can get going in the right direction.  We also have Naviance, which is an amazing resource for finding out about colleges, finding scholarships, and matching you to the right school.

Take advantage of FREE, FREE, FREE resources!  Come to the library to check out some materials to prep for tests or learn about colleges.  Go to khanacademy.org to set up a free account, and then take advantage of the FREE SAT test prep materials.  Check out collegeincolorado.org to learn about colleges in Colorado, scholarships, and more.

Get out there, do some work to search for scholarships, and learn, learn, learn!

Happy Reading (and colleging!)