Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday.  I can never think of a good costume, I don’t like Halloween parties, I just don’t enjoy the whole thing.  I do love fall, and I like decorating for fall and Halloween, but the rest of it I can leave.  Oh, and I love candy corn.  I need those once a year.

Creepy reading is something I do all year, not just at Halloween.  I love Stephen King and Dean Koontz, I will pick up books just because they have a creepy-looking cover, and anything about murder mystery has my name on it.  But watching it?  No way!  Can’t do it.  Keeps me up all night.  Weird, I know.

There are always cool activities for Halloween.  Here are a couple of book/reading-related ones:

Tattered Cover in Denver is doing a cosplay event Oct. 29

Make some glove monsters at the Loveland Public Library teenseen on Oct. 31..

Not necessarily book-related, but still fun: Family Halloween Festival in Loveland on Oct. 29.

There are tons more, I am sure, but those are a few close by.  🙂

And of course, here are some lists from Goodreads of Halloween books

Happy Halloween Reading!