Today is a day to honor our veterans, those who protect our freedom and our country so we can live as we do.  I didn’t realize how many military vets I have in my family: my grandpa was in WWII in the Navy; my uncle was in Vietnam in the Air Force; my brother was in Desert Storm in the Army; my cousin has done two tours in Iraq in the Army; and my other brother was in the Navy.

And to all of them I say THANK YOU for your service in protecting our country and the freedoms I enjoy every day.  And thank you for coming home safely to continue your service.

To all veterans of all military branches, I say THANK YOU for the service you provide us and your work every day so I can go to work and love my family and friends and choose what I want to do.

Thank a veteran today and make sure they know you appreciate what they have done for us.

And then, come by the library to get a book!  A good one: Final Salute by Jim Sheeler.  It is about the man who has to tell families their loved one has been lost in battle.  What a horrible job, but the book gives us civilians a look into the lives of military families.  But I warn you, it may make you cry.

Happy Reading!