I have to start collecting my reading for winter break!  I always have stacks of unread books at my house, but sometimes those don’t feel like the right book.  It is always good to have backups!  I have a couple of books going right now I need to finish, but I look forward to roaming around the library and the bookstore to find a few new ones!

I am reading The Spy Who Couldn’t Spell by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee right now, which is super interesting.  A spy who has dyslexia?  But then he turns traitor?  I think being a spy would be a cool job, but I am sure not as fascinating as the movies make it seem..probably not as exciting as the Bourne Identity, but it would still be cool.

I want to collect about 4 or 5 books to take home with me for break, since I got so many read over Thanksgiving!

Here is a list of Bill Gates’s favorite books from 2016.  Interesting list, but not what I usually read.  Maybe I will try to expand my horizons.

Happy Reading!