Well, I usually get a post up right after a break reviewing what I read over the break, and I just haven’t had much time!  I did get quite a bit of reading done over break, and I enjoyed it!  I guess my son is finally getting big enough he can play by himself a little while I read…  🙂

I decided to go back to a favorite genre of mine: murder-mystery/psychological thriller/suspense.  I love this genre, but hadn’t read much lately, and I forgot how much I enjoy it.  I shouldn’t say that, as many of the books I read here are about grisly murders, but I like the psychological part of it – trying to figure out who did what, who is reliable, and where things are going in the story.  My mother-in-law gave me and my husband a bag of books, and it has been the best gift!

I read about four or five books, and I think 2 or three of them were the murder-mystery genre!  The one I am reading now is Touch and Go by Lisa Gardner.  Really good!

Come by the library today to pick up a book in your favorite genre, maybe something you haven’t read for a while.  Your soul will thank you!

Happy Reading!