When you pick up a book to see if you want to read it, where do you go first?  Do you read the back or the flap?  Do you read the first line?  Do you skip to somewhere in the middle and read something random?

I usually read the back or the flap first, then read the first line.  And if that hooks me, then I will buy it or borrow it and put it on the to be read pile.  And let’s face it, the first line will be the determination for most of us to read the book or not.  Although, I have to say, even though a first line hooked me, sometimes the rest of the story didn’t keep my interest…weird.

Here is a list from Epic Reads of 10 great first lines.  After you watch, come by the library to check out a book!  We currently have at least 5 of the books.  🙂

Happy Reading!