Oh, rainy days.  My favorite.  I love the rain: the smell, the cooler air, the way it cleanses everything.  And, the best part, the excuse to stay inside and do some reading!  As I write this standing at the desk looking outside, I wish I was home cuddled in a blanket with a good book.  But, alas, here I am, at school, surrounded by books instead!

Poetry month is coming up in April, and there are so many great books out now which are written in verse (or written in poetic form).  I am reading one now called The You I’ve Never Known by Ellen Hopkins.  She is the author of Crank and Glass, and is known for writing about somewhat taboo topics, which is why I lover her!  The one I am reading now is her newest book, and it is pretty good.  The story flip-flops between one girl who is questioning her sexual identity, and one girl who gets pregnant as a junior in high school.  Tough topics, both, and as usual, Hopkins does an amazing job of bringing the details to light.

For poetry month coming, here are some poems about food (my other passion) inspired by Robert Frost.  And, just because they are funny, some memes for book lovers – you will laugh if you truly do love books.  🙂

Enjoy your rainy day reading!