I love books.  Clearly.  Or else I wouldn’t have taught English for 12 years and then become a librarian.  I am surrounded by books all day at school and then I have piles of books at home.  I take my son to the public library every week where we check out 30 or more books each time we go.  Books are my blood.  I can’t imagine a day without them, and I don’t understand when people tell me, “I don’t read.”  How is that even possible?  What do you do with your time?  How do you fall asleep at night, or fill time waiting at the doctor’s office?  What do you do while you eat your breakfast?

I have always been a reader, and I will read just about anything near to hand if I am bored.  You name it: cereal boxes, ingredient lists, the information in the door jamb of my car, magazines that are ridiculously out-of-date…all have been read at some time by me.

Old books, though, I have a love-hate relationship with: the smell gets me.  I don’t like musty-smelling books.  Or when the ink gets all weird and smells bad.  Nope.  And forget it if the spine is all broken.  But apparently, someone has done some research and found that old books smell like chocolate and coffee; I disagree.  Depends on if the book has spent time at Starbucks.  Anyway, here is an article about the research.

In the meantime, we have TONS of NEW books in the library!  Come by to check out a new book, or an old favorite.

Happy Reading!