The-Top-10-Most-Challenged-Books-of-2016The list is out of the most challenged books for last year.  Of the ten, we have four in the library, and I have read three of them.  It still baffles me that people feel they have to challenge books to take them away from everyone.  If you don’t agree with the topics in the book, don’t read it!  But it isn’t your right to take it away from everyone else – let others make their own decisions.  Just because something doesn’t agree or fit with your beliefs doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit with someone else’s, and it doesn’t mean those other beliefs are wrong.

I am not surprised to find several books on this year’s most challenged list that deal with LGBTQ+ issues.  My feeling is that people are afraid of what they don’t understand, so that is why these books are on the list.  But again, everyone has their right to believe as they wish, and our reading material should reflect many and diverse perspectives, not just one or two.

Check out the list here.  Then come by the library to check out something to read!

Happy Reading!