As I looked over my posts from last year, I realized just now that it has been almost exactly a year since I last posted.  I just could not get going last year.  No particular reason.  Just had a lot to do and my energy could not support it all, so something had to go.

But, my goal for this year is to get a post up about once a week.

So here we go!  I usually do my summer book review first, so…I read some good ones this summer!  I read a total of 17 books, all adult reading.  I gave up on a few because I have decided that there are too many good books out there to waste time finishing the bad ones.  I think my favorites of the summer were The Martian by Andy Weir, and The Recipe Box by Viola Shipman.  Two VERY different books, but both hit in areas I am interested in.  I am looking forward to reading Artemis, Weir’s second book.  We’ll see if I like it as much as his first.

And now back to reading my YA books.  I tend to take a break in the summer, even though I love them.  🙂  I started this year by reading Heartless  by Marissa Meyer, which was a take on Alice in Wonderland.  It wasn’t bad.  I am almost finished with Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi.  I like the mythology and magic in it, and there is a love story I can handle.  I can’t read romance.  Bleh.  But a cute story of the Romeo and Juliet type is fine.

The reading list is long, but I love always having the variety of a stack of books as tall as I am!  And fall is just about here, so I can cozy up and read, read read!

Happy reading!