I love Stephen King.  I have read much of his work, and one of my favorites is The Shining.  I love that he was able to bring the hotel to life as a character just like the humans in the story.  But I will not go to the Stanley Hotel in Estes!  I just discovered that the original movie was not filmed there, but King stayed there, which inspired the story.  For me, King’s short works are the best.  His short stories are amazing in their development in such a short amount of pages.

BUT…there are amazing creepy stories OTHER than King!  I know, it doesn’t seem right.  So, as Halloween approaches, consider broadening your creepy reading horizons with some new authors.

Goodreads has a good list of creepy young adult reads.  Included on the list is Dracula by Bram Stoker – another of my favorite creepy reads!

And here is a list from Epic Reads; 13 of them, of course!

Hopefully these lists will inspire you to try something new!  Many of the books on both lists are available in the library, so come by to check one out!

Happy Reading!