The Little Free Library is such a fun idea!  A box in front of someone’s house with books anyone can take and trade out for another…what a great idea!  I want to put one in my front yard, but have not had the time to go through the process of getting it approved by our neighborhood association, or to get it registered in the national system.

I love books and reading, and having a Little Free Library would be such a fun way to share that!  They build literacy, they build community, and what a good way for my son to help out.  He loves to read too, and it would be fun for him to see some kids books and share some of his favorites.  Someday…

What inspired this post was an article about Pizza Huts having Little Free Libraries shaped like their iconic red roof – so cool!

Get out around town and look for a Little Free Library!  Or go to the Public Library!  Or come visit the TVHS library!  Lots of options for reading; choose one and find your reading love!

Happy Reading!