Teacher Assignments

Mr. Sawyers: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships (Oct. 11)

Toxic relationships video

Opposite friends video

Mr. Kenyon: Stellar Evolution (Oct. 2)

Here are a few extra websites to find some information about stars!

NASA Solar System and Beyond

National Geographic Space

Scientific American Space

Mr. Crawford: Infographics + Art Research (Sept. 6)

Use these websites as a place to start your research for your project.


100 Best Infographics of 2017

100 Best Infographics of the last decade

Daily Infographics


  1. In a Google search, type in your topic and the word infographics (for example, animal infographics, food infographics, book infographics, etc.); you can then click on IMAGES, and you will have a lot to look at!
  2. If you have a Pintrest account, you can search there in the same way you can search Google.


Google Arts and Culture – lots here!  You can search by artists, color, themes, and more!  A little scrolling takes you a long way here.

Deviant Art



Ms. Miller: disease diet research (Nov. 16)

Use these websites to help you research the disease and diet for your paper.

Research Template to take notes

Citation maker knightcite OR bibme

Bibliography and In-Text Citations examples (Google Slides)

Mayo Clinic (use the “Patient Care and Health Info”) tab or this link to the Diseases and Conditions page on Mayo Clinic

WebMD (Health A-Z tab is useful here)

Center for Disease Control (diseases and conditions information)

Physicians’ Committee (diet and nutrition)

Harvard School of Public Health (diet and nutrition)

My Plate (diet and nutrition information)

Nutrition Facts (diet and nutrition)

Ms. Tjardes: Non-profits research for persuasive speech (Nov. 9 and 10)

Below you will find some websites to help you get started finding information about some non-profit organizations.

100 Top Non-Profits: a list of 100 organizations – this might help you get started finding some to look at more in-depth.

Do Something: this website will help you find a specific match to your interests.

Great Non-Profits: a site to find some local non-profits.

Volunteer Match: this site will give you volunteer information as well as non-profits.

Love to Know: this site will give you a list, by category, of national non-profits.

Ms. Solt, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind:

Body Ritual Among the Nacerima by Horace Miner

Audio Book of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind ****(your log in to listen will be the same as your school computer log in)****

Research Template

EXAMPLE Research Template

Ms. Solt, Banned Books Video

CBS This Morning Saturday

Ms. Evans and Ms. Skillman Teen Challenges Personal Growth Fair

TED talk: “Stop Searching for Your Passion”

Website for college exploration:  Princeton Review

Websites for technical schools:




Websites for volunteering:





Food Bank of Larimer County

Ms. Evans and Ms. Skillman, Bully Unit Resources

TED talk: “To This Day”

TED talk: “Meeting Hatred with Love”

newsela.com articles