Community Service: Made with Purpose

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Our goals:

  • Bring awareness to important topics.
  • Encourage new learning.
  • Inspire new thinking.
  • Build school community through shared discussion and activity.
  • Encourage collaboration among students, staff, and students and staff together.
  • Allow space and time for creative and critical thinking.
  • Allow space and time for creativity and innovation.
  • Help students learn the value of community service and serving others.

As we learn from home, we can still do service for others!  Watch here for ideas of what you can do or make to help others.

***Do you know how to crochet or knit?  You can make blocks or other items for Warm Up America!  Check out their site for specifics.

There are many places that are accepting masks for health care workers.  On the website It’s Always Autumn, there is a pattern so you can make some.

The website Sweet Red Poppy also has a pattern to use.

**When you participate, you can log your hours in order to get credit for your time.** I  will send you a certificate with your completed hours at the end of the year, if you let me know you would like one.  Email me at