Hey teachers!  Watch this page for cool stuff I find to share with you.  We can also add links to things you want to share with each other.

Cool Online Resources:

The New York Times Learning Network: An awesome resource for ALL contents!  Lesson plans and more, all at your fingertips.

newsela.com: An online current events website.  You can change the lexile/reading level with just one click!  Make classes! Assign reading!

TED-Ed: Connected to TED (ideas worth sharing), this website will allow you to use youtube videos and TED talks to turn into lessons.  Add questions and resources, and you have a lesson!

A whole list of cool online tools!  Various kinds of tools, with collaboration capabilities, informal assessments, and more.


Discovery Education video database: NEW LOG IN: just as you log in to the school computers (name.name and your password)

Curiosity.com great videos for science, psychology, health, history…

Loveland Public Library:

Loveland Public Library Homepage – Did you know they have teacher library cards?  Longer checkout time for books for school!  Ask them about it.

World Language Resources:


Professional Development Resources:

Here are some links to get you started with online FREE webinars and other PD resources. Many will give you Continuing Education hours that can usually be used for recertification.

Edweb.net: Resources ranging from technology use in class to reading and math.  This page will show you the webinars for each month.  To watch archived webinars, you just have to enter your name and email.

ASCD: Many resources related to instruction and curriculum.  You will need to fill in a registration form, but then you can watch.

Education Week: Variety of resources related to data and curriculum. These will require a free registration to watch archived webinars.

EdTechTeacher:  Obviously, technology focused.  Lots of great resources, including project ideas, Google Apps help, webinars, and more!

Carnegie Learning: This one has a lot of math-related resources!

PBSLearning Media: More technology-related webinars.

Share My Lesson: This is a wealth of good resources!  Lessons, webinars, and more!