TVHS Inspiration Pursuits

Inspiration Pursuits are meant to help you learn more, dig deeper, and explore our world by inspiring you to pursue learning in your own way, through opportunities available in the library and throughout the school.

Starting this year, our focus for Inspiration Pursuits will be on service learning/community service.  We will be “making with purpose” to donate items to organizations such as the Humane Society and Habitat for Humanity.

Our goals:

  • Bring awareness to important topics.
  • Encourage new learning.
  • Inspire new thinking.
  • Build school community through shared discussion and activity.
  • Encourage collaboration among students, staff, and students and staff together.
  • Allow space and time for creative and critical thinking.
  • Allow space and time for creativity and innovation.
  • Help students learn the value of community service.

What’s in store for 2018-19:

    • This semester, we will be working on a few projects:
      • In September and October, we will do some work making rice warmers for the Humane Society.  These warmers will help keep small kittens warm, as well as comfort animals coming out of anesthesia.
      • In October, we will be making cards for our service members serving overseas.  A handmade card can go a long way in helping morale!  We will be sending cards to Operation Gratitude.
      • In November and December, we will work on making blankets for Project Linus.  Warm blankies for kids is always so comforting!
    • Ideas for this semester include:
      • In January, we may work on knitting/crocheting hats for patients going through chemo.  We will send our hats to Knots of Love.
      • In March (or early spring) we will work on creating home good items to contribute the Habitat for Humanity house our Geometry in Construction class is building.  New pillowcases for a new home!
      • Throughout the semesters, we may work on creating mats for the homeless by using plastic grocery bags to make “plarn,” or plastic yarn, which is then crocheted into mats.  Our mats will be donated to Loveland’s Community Kitchen to be given to the homeless..

Everyone can participate!  We will be working during both lunches on Tuesdays, so come by to help!

When you come to participate, you need to log your hours in order to get credit for your time.

Do you want to help us?  There are a couple of ways:

  • Donate to our Donors Choose project!  We are asking for donations to purchase sewing machines, crochet hooks, knitting needles, crochet and knitting books, and more!  Go to to learn more and donate!
  • Bring in fabric, fleece fabric, plastic grocery bags, yarn (if donating yarn, please follow these guidelines), or other materials that could be used to create items for any of the above mentioned projects/organizations.