Today is the day!  In honor of Dr. Seuss, the great children’s book author, today is the day to celebrate the love and joy of reading.

We all get so busy in our lives that many of us don’t take a few minutes each day to read something just for fun, for ourselves.  If I go a day without reading, I know something is wrong!  Even if I am dead tired, I still try to read for at least a few minutes before I fall asleep.  Reading for fun is so important, for many reasons:

  • It gives us a break from the day
  • It stretches our world
  • It introduces us to ideas we may never have had
  • It lets us view the world from others’ perspectives
  • It may help us increase our empathy for others
  • It can be an individual activity or a social one
  • It gives us an opportunity to connect with others
  • It can make us laugh, cry, get angry…
  • In books, we can see ourselves and know we are not alone
  • And so much more

I started reading to my son before he was even born, and now he loves to go to the library and pour over books.  It makes me smile.  🙂

Take some time today to come to the library and pick up a great book so you can revel in the joy of reading.  We will host a “read-in” at lunch so we can all take a few minutes of pleasurable reading time!  Join us!

Happy Reading!